Computers, #FollowFriday, and #Privacy: CFP’ers to follow on Twitter

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Each Friday brings a fun “game” to Twitter called FollowFriday…. The aim of FollowFriday is to share with the Twitter community which tweeps you enjoy following. Of course, it can help you find new people to follow too.

– Sharon Hayes-Tucci (aka @sharonhayes), FollowFriday on Twitter

One of CFP’s major roles has always been to help connect people in the community.  On Twitter, Follow Friday is a natural way to do this.  I took a quick pass through CFP09’s followers and the names listed on the program, and here are the recommendations from the @cfp2009 account.  If you’re interested in computers, freedom, and privacy, please consider following!

#followfriday for #cfp09 (1/5) @cfp2009 @pubic_citizen @eff @aclu @digiactive @cendemtech @catoinstitue

#followfriday for #cfp09 (2/5) @CharlotteAnne @AriMelber @cncpundit @benpolitico @schatzwsj @csoghoian @kpoulsen @nancyscola @shansell

#followfriday for #cfp09 (3/5) @bruceschneier @bendrath @securitysources @phillyberg @phragments @jeremycee @andrewclement @IsCool

#followfriday for #cfp09 (4/5) @edfelten @digitalsista @Gauravonomics @wonderwillow @hellrazr @jdp23 @netfreedom @txitua @dreamact

#followfriday for #cfp09 (5/5) @sairy @craignewmark @scrawford @ellenmiller @gregpincus @wendyg @mhintze @tribehelp

Apologies to anybody I overlooked; if you’re going to be at CFP and are on Twitter, please let @cfp2009 know.

And if there are CFP’ers you think people should follow, please make your own #followfriday recommendation– and don’t forget to include #cfp09 in your tweet to make it easy for others to find!


PS: Micah Baldwin’s #FollowFriday: The Anatomy of a Twitter Trend has more about the history and usage patterns of Follow Friday, a fascinating example of a self-organizing peer-based recommendation system.

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