Computers, Freedom, Privacy, and NEWS!

More mentions of the 2009 Computers Freedom and Privacy Conference from the news and blogosphere.

Futures, Wendy M. Grossman, net.wars, 6-13-09

US Justice Department Considers Possible Antitrust Violations in Google Books Deal, Rachel Balik, Finding Dulcinea, 6-11-09

Let’s Make a Data Deal, Brian Quinton, The Big Fat Marketing Blog, 6-10-09

Talk About Targeting, Cristina Smith, Privacy Gurus Blog. 6-9-09

My Talk on the Good and Bad Sides of Digital Activism at the CFP 2009 Conference, Gaurav Mishra, Gauravonomics Blog, 6-9-09

Data Privacy Issues Still Plague E-Health Record Efforts, Lora Bentley, ITBusinessEdge 6-8-09


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