Goals for CFP 2010 … your thoughts?

The next few weeks will be a little schizophrenic around here, as we wrap up CFP 2009 and start the planning for CFP 2010.  For ideas about speakers or topics you’d like to see at the conference, please continue to use the CFP 2010 brainstorming thread.   This thread is specifically for discussions about the goals.

Potential co-chair Elizabeth Stark and I came up with these as a first cut … what do others think?

  • “from conference to community”: move towards a year-round community, with online hubs and smaller in-person regional workshops/salons complementing the main conference
  • reconnect CFP with hackers and the free culture community
  • diversify CFP community and conference — planning team, audience, presenters, …
  • build on the high-quality content, engagement with government, and online visibility success of 2009 and continue “rebooting CFP”

Please discuss!


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4 Responses to “Goals for CFP 2010 … your thoughts?”

  1. This year was my first experience with CFP at all, so take my impressions with that grain/truckload of salt!

    I found out about CFP from working with Jon Pincus, and as I saw more and more of his time being allocated to this project (through an increase in the frequency of his CFP related tweets) I became more and more interested. However, I am alas a poor college graduate (man it’s weird no longer saying college kid) in Wisconsin and was not able to attend myself. However, I was extremely impressed by how easy it was to engage even from afar, and even though other conflicts prevented me from taking in as much as I would have otherwise liked.

    All that said, the fact that the webcast is such a high caliber and that the CFP twitter presence is so strong is something I feel NEEDS to be further developed and focused on for the future. CFP has justifiably lofty goals, but they can not be reached only by targeting those able (or presumably willing when discussing the hacker community) to come to DC. However, I can’t think of another organization with more incentive to develop this presence or that has the capacity to continue to innovate in this direction.

    I particularly appreciate the “conference to community” concept as it falls in line precisely with what I am describing. There should be a year round community, and we already have a great start on developing the hubs to ensure that. Plus, the regional workshops/salons are a phenomenal idea, and I think an effort should be started to bring them to different college campuses especially (and I’d be glad to tap my connections at Campus Progress to help organize this if we decide to go this direction).

    Anyways, just my food for thought. I was that impressed with CFP as is and can’t wait to become more involved for future iterations of it!

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