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Goals for CFP 2010 … your thoughts?

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

The next few weeks will be a little schizophrenic around here, as we wrap up CFP 2009 and start the planning for CFP 2010.  For ideas about speakers or topics you’d like to see at the conference, please continue to use the CFP 2010 brainstorming thread.   This thread is specifically for discussions about the goals.

Potential co-chair Elizabeth Stark and I came up with these as a first cut … what do others think?

  • “from conference to community”: move towards a year-round community, with online hubs and smaller in-person regional workshops/salons complementing the main conference
  • reconnect CFP with hackers and the free culture community
  • diversify CFP community and conference — planning team, audience, presenters, …
  • build on the high-quality content, engagement with government, and online visibility success of 2009 and continue “rebooting CFP”

Please discuss!