Computers, Freedom, Privacy and NEWS!

Below is more blog and news coverage of CFP09.  If you’re blogging about the conference, let us know so we can include you in your links!

NSA Whistleblower Meets Anthrax ‘Person of Interest’, Kevin Poulsen,’s Threat Level, 6-4-09

Deep Packet Inspection Here to Stay, Say Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference Experts, Douglas Streeks,, 6-4-09

Are We Really Inching Toward Cybarmageddon?, Matthew Harwood, Security Management, 6-4-09

Is Internet Voting Safe? Vote Here, Kevin Poulsen,’s Threat Level, 6-4-09

Business and the Internet on Tiananmen’s 20th Anniversary, Chip Pitts, CRS Law, 6-4-09


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