“Online activism around the world” on the CFP Wetpaint wiki

At Thursday’s Online activism around the world session, Ralf Bendrath described how the path to getting 75,000 people in the streets in Germany to protest surveillance started with “a mailing list and a wiki”, and I showed Willow Witte’s slide of the Join the Impact wiki and talked about the work Baratunde Thurston had done with the Voter Suppression Wiki.   Notice a theme here?

The wiki page we’ve created for the session has the video, presentations by Ralf, Gaurav Mishra, and me, and links out to moderator Nancy Scola’s Global Digital Activism Case Study: Germany’s Freedom Not Fear in techPresident as well as Gaurav’s The 4Cs Social Media Framework, which provided a great intellectual framework for the session.  There’s also a document Katrina Neubauer put together summarizing panelists’ email responses to a handful of questions.  If there’s other information that should be here, please add it to the page or leave it as a comment here … thanks!

There were a lot of logistical challenges with this panel, and so four of the invited panelists weren’t able to attend in person.   We’ll try to work with Basem Fathy, Evgeny Morozov, Michael Bolognino, and Willow Witte to incoporoate their perspectives on the page as well, via a presentation, video, blog post, and/or article.  Over time, we’ll hopefully have with similar pages for other sessions as well. In other words, stay tuned for more!

And it’d be great to hear what others thought of the session — and thoughts what other campaigns we should have covered.  So please feel kick off some discussion in the comments!


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