Computers, Freedom, Privacy, and NEWS!

More CFP09 news and blog coverage.

China’s “Green Dam Youth Escort” software, Rebecca MacKinnon, RConversation, 6-8-09

Computers Freedom and Privacy, Mike Banks Valentine, Larry English , 6-8-09

The role of design in protecting cyberspace: thoughts from CFP 2009, Ian Glazer, tuesdaynight, 6-8-09

Signs of the Times News fit, Keine Kommentare, privacy laws, 6-7-09

House Curbs “Virtual Strip Searches” At Airports, Declan McCullagh, CBS News Political Hotsheet, 6-5-09

CFP Panel on Voting and the Internet, Association for Computing Machinery Weblog, 6-5-09

Internet Voting: How Far Can We Go Safely?, Ed Felton, Freedom to Tinker, 6-5-09

Bush FBI sent 18 armored agents to search my house, wiretap whistleblower says, John Byrne, The Raw Story, 6-5-09

Global Digital Activism Case Study: Germany’s Freedom Not Fear, Nancy Scola, Personal Democracy Forum, 6-5-09


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