Day One Recap (via net.wars)

Another great recap from Wendy M. Grossman at net.wars.

Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2009 – Day Two

One hundred and thirty-three days into the Obama Administration. He still still has a lot of fans – one conference attendee was wearing silver Obama logo earrings yesterday and CNet writer Declan McCullough was pleased that a FOIA request that kept him waiting for over a year was answered within a few weeks of the inauguration – privacy advocates are beginning to carp that his record on privacy seems unlikely to be any improvement on his immediate predecessor’s. Kicking off the day’s first session, Susan Crawford talked some good principles, but a basic one – answering public questions – was off-limits. `

McCullough also noted that Obama has yet to fulfill his promise to post non-emergency legislation for public comment for five days before signing it.


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