Computers, Freedom, Privacy and NEWS!

With tutorial day and the CFP2009’s opening day behind us, here is an overview of our coverage so far!  See the coverage page on the wiki for a more complete list.  Did you blog?  Post your links in the comments!!

Craigslist Founder Seeks Larger DC Role, Andrew Noyes, National Journal, Tech Daily Dose, 6-2-09

Crawford: Tech Agenda Just Beginning, Andrew Noyes, National Journal, Tech Daily Dose, 6,2,09

Justice IG To Release Exigent Letter Report, Congress Daily, 6-2-09

Critics: Google Book Deal a Monopoly, Privacy Debacle, Ryan Singel,’s Epicenter blog, 6-2-09

Computers, Freedom & Privacy: Day 1, Mark Belinsky, 6 to cut, 4 to sharpen, 6-2-09

The Obama Administration’s Silence on Privacy, Saul Hansel, New York Times Bits blog, 6-2-09

Ex-Fed: Privacy Advocates Should Go After China, Lay Off NSA, Kevin Poulsen, 6-2-09

White House Aide Warns Online Advertisers To Be Monitored, Wall Street Journal (clip only, subscription required) 6-2-09

Conference at the Crossroads of Tech Freedom and Privacy, Federal News Radio, 6-2-09

Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2009 – Day One, net.wars, Wendy Grossman, 6-1-09


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