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How to follow CFP 2009 online

Monday, June 1st, 2009

With luck, CFP this year will feature live video streaming and a Twitter backchannel. Along with this blog, the CFP Wetpaint Wiki, and Ask your lawmaker about computers, freedom, and privacy,* we hope this marks a significant step to increasing the visibility of privacy and onine civil liberties issues — during the conference, and throughout the rest of the year too.

The best ways to follow what’s happening:

And please, don’t just follow along — get involved! Join in the conversations on the blog and on Twitter. When you see articles, videos, blog posts, and discussions about CFP-related issues, tweet them and include the #cfp09 hashtag. And stay tuned for more about Ask your lawmaker about computers, freedom, and privacy, a joint project with Capitol News Connection, focused on getting answers and coverage on key legislative issues.