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Computers, Freedom, Privacy, and NEWS! A weekly news roundup.

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

The efforts of Internet organizers being met with both opposition and success around the world.  In Iran, access to Facebook was blocked by the government in order to curb their opposition’s organizing efforts during presidential elections.  And in Maryland, grassroots organizes have also tapped Facebook in their efforts to stop a new speeding camera law about to go into effect.  An all day CFP tutorial Twittering in the Trenches will focus on technology, policy, and privacy, and there will be an online component as well for those who can’t attend in person.

A new study by Cambridge law Professor Pratricia Akester looks at the effects of Digital Rights Management on Freedom of Expression.   Apparently, it turns us all into pirates.

With Obama about to announce a new Cybersecurity Czar with a “Broad Mandate,” folks are weighing in on what path the senior White House official should (or shouldn’t) take.  A CFP Panel on Cybersecurity and the New Administration, featuring congressmen Alan M. Grayson (D-FL) ask what is the best way to improve the security of the nation’s cyber infrastructure.

As Proposition 8 was upheld on Tuesday, activists from across the country turned to Join the Impact as they organized demonstrations.  Michael Bolognino of JTI will join us at CFP to discuss net-roots organizing on the Wednesday’s Online Activism Around the World panel.


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Poulsen Wonders About Cybarmageddon!

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Kevin Poulsen, Wired Senior Editor, wonders on the Threat Level blog whether or not the threat of hackers attacking critical infrastructure is anything more than a red herring, or in some cases clever marketing. 

Viral Video Hoax, or Proof of Impending Cyber Apocalypse?

This video of hackers taking over the lighting controls in an urban skyscraper in order to play the world’s most awesome game of Space Invaders is ominous proof that intruders really are eyeing utility control systems as targets, warns security vendor McAfee.

“Perhaps the first demo was just for fun, but the others will have less juvenile goals,” McAfee Avert Labs researcher Francois Paget blogged on Friday. “An attack can involve nationwide damage, a terrible effect on the public’s morale, and huge financial losses.”


Poulsen will explore the question in depth as he moderates the CFP Panel, Hacking as a National Security Threat: How Real Is It?  As much attention is being paid to cybersecurity policy issues, panelists will discuss how real the threat is behind these policy debates.  Does hacking — whether by foreign governments, organized crime, or lone hackers — really pose a national security-level threat?  

Panelists include:
Herb Lin, National Research Council 
Amit Yoran, Former Bush Administration Cybersecurity Czar 
Michael Tanji, Former Supervisory Intelligence Officer, Defense Intelligence Agency 
Moderator: Kevin Poulsen, Senior Editor, Wired News

Computers, Freedom, Privacy, and NEWS! A weekly news roundup.

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

The debate over the appointment of a Cybersecurity Czar continues this week as Obama administration officials and others weigh in.  Former Bush administration Cybersecurity Czar, Amit Yoran will join others at CFP’s panel on Hacking as a National Security Threat, and US Congressman Alan M. Grayson (D-FL) will speak on the CFP plenary panel, Cyber-Security and the New Administration.

Craigslist is making a move to shut down its “erotic services” section.  As Craig Newmark explains how this will change the adult section of the site, others discuss how the shutdown will (or won’t) affect “the oldest profession.”  Newmark will be a joining us at CFP on Tuesday’s program as our lunch keynote, interviewed by the NYTime’s Saul Hansell.

Apple cracks down on jailbreaking calling it a breach of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  A CFP Panel moderated by Greg Beck will discuss the future of the DMCA.

While some folks are wondering if Facebook’s blocking emails about file sharing are a violation of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, others are asking why Facebook will not block groups dedicated to Holocaust denial.  Kevin Bankston (quoted in the Wired story above) will be discussing ECPA at CFP.

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