CFP Buzz at CATO

Jim Harper of the Cato Institute is blogging about CFP.

The Computers Freedom & Privacy conference is consistently one of the most interesting and forward-looking privacy conferences. This year, it’s at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. June 1-4.

helped organize it this time, though by no means does the event skew libertarian.  What it does is bring together people of all ideologies to discuss common concerns about the present and future state of privacy.

I’ll be speaking on a panel called “The Future of Security vs. Privacy” on Tuesday, June 2nd.   Here’s the program page. And here’s the registration page if any of this whets your appetite.

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2 Responses to “CFP Buzz at CATO”

  1. Brett Glass says:

    Jim is right. It’s clear from the conference’s agenda that it is about computers and privacy, but not at all about freedom. Keynote speaker Susan Crawford, for example, has as a key element of her agenda onerous regulation or even nationalization of the Internet. Not exactly ideas that comport with the notion of freedom.

  2. JonPincus says:

    Brett, you’ll be delighted to hear that the program committee still contains a lot of the people you derided last year as a cabal of ideologues!

    Susan did a great job moderating last year’s opening plenary. This year, the first session’s on Security and freedom in the Obama administration, and she’s starting it off with remarks in her role as Special Advisor to the President on Science and Technology Policy. Why on earth is that a bad thing?