Computers, Freedom, Privacy and NEWS!

More blog and news coverage of CFP2009.  If you’re blogging at CFP let us know in the comments so we can include you in our link lists!

Filtering v3.0, Derek Bambauer, INFO/LAW, 6-3-09

Securing New Infrastructure Will Require Watchful Eye, Experts Say, Douglas Streeks, Benton Foundation, 6-3-09

Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2009 – Day Two, Wendy Grossman, net.wars via, 6-3-09

Online Behavioral Targeting Targeted by Feds, Critics, Ryan Singel,’s Episcenter, 6-3-09

Obama’s Cybersecurity Plan: Bring in the Contractors!, Tom Burghardt, Pacific Free Press, 6-3-09

Google and Microsoft Defend Practices at Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference, Ryan Womack,, 6-3-09

Privacy conference panel: Consumers give up privacy too easily, Donna Tapellini,, 6-3-09

Privacy a Stumbling Block in Healthcare IT, Kenneth Corbin,, 6-3-09

CFP 2009 Part 1: Threats to Privacy, Jeff Porten, TidBITS: Mac News for the Rest of Us, 6-3-09

Behavioral Targeting To Rescue Newspapers?, Wendy Davis, The Daily Online Examiner, 6-3-09

Tracking and collecting online data, p2pnet news, 6-3-09

Pot shots at the Google Book Search deal, Kenneth Corbin,, 6-2-09


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  1. CindySouthworth says:

    Reminder from China about the importance of Section 230 immunity, Paul Levy, 6-4-09