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It can take hours to piece together the instructions for online or computer tasks that you can pick up in minutes just by looking over the shoulder of someone who can show you the ropes. And some concepts you just don’t “get” until you see them in action.

That is why this year’s CFP will feature the first-ever "Geekshare" session, which will allow attendees to do just that – look over your shoulder as you share great computer/Internet tips & tricks, secrets and skills that you’ve picked up. Each Geekshare volunteer will be assigned a table where they can offer one or more skills they'd like to share with conference attendees for their time slot.

Examples of the kinds of things this might include are:

  • Twitter (why and how to use)
  • Skype tips and tricks
  • Setting up encryption (file, disk, or e-mail)
  • Setting up an operating system on a USB
  • Home VPN for secure browsing while travelling
  • Identity management online (how to find and control your own information online)
  • Tips for secure web browsing

These are just a few possibilities – think creatively! If you have these or other skills that you think might be useful to general CFP attendees, please e-mail Geekshare organizer Jeremy Duffy with your contact information and the skill or skills you’d like to offer. If we agree that your idea is likely to be useful for general CFP attendees, we'll contact you to schedule a block of time. For questions please e-mail Jeremy or CFP co-chair Jay Stanley at

Geekshare will take place parallel to the rest of the conference from noon through conference close on Wednesday June 3rd.